Communicraft is a vastly experienced Web Development & Design Agency offering User Experience Design, high end Web Design & advanced Web Application Development.


Why work with us?



Our Expertise & Experience

The long-standing Communicraft team comprises specialist architects, UX designers, and application developers have together been honing their craft for nearly 20 years.

Together, we are unrivalled when it comes to meeting user and commercial goals through the delivery of custom, robust web technologies.

Since 2001 Communicraft have been producing high end web solutions for an ever evolving visual, technological and social landscape. This means a constant reinvention of ourselves and how we work, while bringing with us a priceless quantity of experience.

Colm O’Riordan

Our Clients

Through our approach and dedication to quality, we have worked with and continue to retain contracts with some of Europe’s leading Product, Engineering, Financial Services, Culture & Entertainment, and Public Sector organisations.

Davy Select
Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd
National Archives

Our Culture & Approach

It is most gratifying to be able to work in a space which is constantly evolving and growing, that has the capacity to reach out to every person on the planet.

And we evolve along with it, consistently reinventing ourselves and our processes - re-evaluating our role as creators of user experience, through design and technological advancement, always retaining an uncompromising desire for quality and excellence in everything we do.

For the curious minds of the Communicraft team every new development opens a world of possibilities for creativity and invention.

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Our Partners

Working in the vast, and often fragmented digital landscape, we collaborate with other domain experts who share our values of curiosity, quality and excellence.

To this end we place great value on the relationships we have with partners in the fields of graphic design, brand consultancy, digital marketing and application hosting, as well as those providing hardware and the physical tools that will shape the future of our digital lives.

This respect for other people’s craft and expertise extends to our relationships with the clients we work with - often working in collaboration with in-house technical expertise, operations and marketing departments. Through collaboration, we produce the most effective solutions for clients and their customers.

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Our Research & Development

Driven to help advance the sector in Europe, we are fortunate enough to work with some of the world's leading researchers such as Nokia, Tyndall National Institute, University of Eindhoven and CNRS among others on projects from Internet of Things, MedTech, and Photonics research.

These relationships provide us exclusive insights into not only emerging technologies, but also into the rigorous scientific processes that produce the world's greatest technological breakthroughs today.


Full Stack Developmemt

Full Stack developers work with both the front and back ends of a website or application meaning we can tackle projects that involve databases, building user-facing websites. Our back-end team team includes experienced .NET,  PHP and Angular developers. Our front-end team includes experts in UX and UI design,  who work  with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript..

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