Web Applications

Communicraft have been harnessing the most advanced technologies to deliver world class web applications for 15 years.

Multi Platform Development & Integration

Angular, ASP .NET; C#; Java; PHP; JSON; AJAX; JQuery; Javascript, SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Perl, HTML5, CSS3, Python, REST, XML Web Services, SOAP, MVC, Linq, Entity Framework

We leverage the best technologies to automate processes and integrate systems that are distributed across the world.

Communicraft's dedicated web application development team are vastly experienced and highly skilled. We have Microsoft's 2016 .NET MVP on our team, and were one of the first to develop an application on Microsoft's .NET platform, an online travel application developed back in 2003.

Business Analysis, System Design, Web Programming

Building on a core of 16 years experience as a team, our analysis, design and software engineering process has been refined and fine tuned to keep pace with the evolution of web technologies.

We have been early adaptors and cautious sceptics simultaneously, analysing and experimenting with each new connected technology as it emerged. The best of it makes it in to our projects.

Our business analysis and system design process pairs with our User Experience design methodology to create powerful user friendly applications,  automating and integrating business operations in a way that brings your teams, clients and systems along in a cohesive, manageable manner.

Multi Device - Mobile Web Development & IoT

Today's web is a proliferation of connected devices and data sources.

As pioneers of mobile web applications, we use adaptive mobile web app development to great effect to improve mobile User Experience and to drive engagement & conversion.

We have developed applications that integrate with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other chipsets to gather data from the physical world, or that adjust settings on physical devices based on data collected online.

Communicraft, early adaptors of the .NET architecture, used their extensive knowledge of XML and Web Services to effectively leverage the best business benefits of the .net platform for their clients and projects.

Ian TaylorChief Technical Architect | Microsoft