User Experience

Our user-centred design process helps us gain a deep understanding of your business and your customers. We dig into what you really want for your business, and discover exactly what your users need. Once we understand those key elements, we can build amazing features that exactly meet your business goals and delight your users. 

User Research

While conducting user research, we discover what users are looking for and what is motivating them. We find out more about them, their age, gender, interests, whatever paints a relevant picture. Good user research helps us understand our users, and enables us to make informed, innovative design decisions. These are then transformed into useful design features that help users reach their goals, making them smile along the way.

Wireframe / Information Architecture

The wireframe is a low-fidelity representation of a layout design. Its a fantastic tool that allows us to collaborate & communicate ideas with our clients. It becomes the blueprint for product functionality, and helps our clients visualise how their customers will use their product.

UI / Front End Development

A great user-interface (UI) design is the culmination of good user research and information architecture. We build our UIs in accordance with the best graphic design and GUI design principles. They  reflect our clients brand message with clarity, simplicity and efficiency. 
All our front-end code is HTML5, CSS3, WCAG standards compliant. We build complex SASS, JSON, JQuery enhanced applications, hidden behind an aesthetically pleasing, responsive, device adaptive, intuitive client-facing front-end

Our audiences are increasingly mobile, using phones and tablets to access the festival programme and our video content. Over the past four years Communicraft have kept suggesting ways to make the site more interactive with our audience

Jackie RyanGeneral Manager | Dublin International Film Festival