We wrote a piece for JDIFF blog on the festival’s forthcoming mobile web app

by Colm

Development Design User Experience

Kamil over at Jameson Dublin Film Festival asked if we'd like to pen a few words on our plans for their mobile web presence this year.

How could we refuse?

The piece refers to our strategy of boosting the mobile web browsing experience, with a particular focus on the schedule.

Garry O'Neil provided this amazing retro-cinema listings newspaper clipping from 1980 - check out those titles!

Dublin Cinema listings, 1980, pic courtesy Garry O'Neil

"We want this to be the festival in your pocket. We want you to be sitting in a cafe or a bar or in a park reading on your phone about a film, pop over to the JDIFF web site and see when it starts, without needing to install anything or to download any files, large images or superfluous-right-now background information (unless of course you touch to ask for it). We want this available to everyone with a smartphone, directly and on demand, without any obstacles."


See the full piece over on the JDIFF blog here..