Communicraft partner with Tyndall, Nokia Bell Labs, providing web tech for TIPS Project

by Pete

Development Design Social Media User Experience

Communicraft are the digital dissemination and communicaton partners for EC Horizon 2020 funded project TIPS - Thermally Integrated Smart Photonics Systems

Communicraft partners on the project led by Tyndall National Institute include CNRS France, Alcatel Lucent - Bell Labs Ireland & France, IFW Dresden, III-V Lab, Lionix BV Netherlands, and the Stokes Institute Limerick.

Communicraft will produce and manage all aspects of digital media for the TIPS project - including websites and social media, as well as providing online collaboration web applications to facilitate digitally based collaboration among the partners. Communicraft will also take the lead on dissemination activities for the project.

With the ever increasing demand for bandwidth to meet with the exponential growth in data transmissions, current technologies in certain areas are straining as they meet physical limitations on what volumes they can handle. TIPS aims to to develop and demonstrate a smart and scalable, thermally-enabled, integrated optoelectronic platform.

This multi-disciplinary project proposal provides considerable scope for innovation because it addresses the lack of energy-efficient and integrated thermal management solutions for photonic devices which is a major impediment to the development of photonic communications for the foreseeable future.

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